Clearing Skies Bullet Journal



This Bullet Journal has dotted grid paper, with 120 pages (60 Spreads), measuring at 7 x 10 inch. This Dot Grid Notebook has a Matte, Sturdy Paperback Cover with a tranquil watercolor painting cover. Makes a great gift for kids, girls, boys, women and men! Use this Blank Bullet Journal to create your own: Creative lettering practice, exercise journal, self prompt book, blank recipe journal, yoga keeper, planner, food log, health and wellness tracker, couples, 5 year journal, happiness journal, writing journal, pregnancy journal, 365 day journal, reading journal, bible journal, instant pot recipe journal, sketchbook, nocturnal journal, girls journal, mindfulness journal, emotion tracker, hiking journal, zen journal, camping notes, poetry, dream journal, freedom journal, vacation journal, personal journal, 52 week journal, reflection notes, sketch journal and more! Includes 7 index pages and 2 key pages

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