Terms of Use

Terms of Use

By using kindredcreations.com and it’s contents (including but not limited to artwork created and copyrighted by Kindred Creations) you consent to each of the terms and conditions within our Terms of Use.

Kindred Creations reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use on this website at any time without giving you prior notice. Your use of Kindred Creations after any such modifications is your agreement to follow the Terms of Use as modified.

Non-Profit/Personal Use

You can use our graphics on any personal or non-profit project with no credit as long as no money is made. This includes marketing graphics. If you are using one of our graphics for a marketing campaign the item is gaining you a profit. Please attribute the graphic to Kindred Creations or select the commercial use no credit required option.

If you share your personal/non-profit project as a giveaway or freebie on your personal/non-profit site, blog or social media all artwork must be flattened. Users must not have the option of editing the graphics. We require graphic credit be given to Kindred Creations including a url that links back to (www.kindredcreations.com) within the description and on the same page as the item.

Please credit Kindred Creations, along with the name of the kit, if you publish your creations on the internet or in
print, for example as a part of a scrapbook layout or card that is published in a magazine or in an online gallery.

You may alter the designs to suit your personal needs as long as you still credit Kindred Creations.

Commercial Use

If you wish to use Kindred Creations graphics to CREATE a commercial product to SELL, you can purchase with option 1 or 2 below. Please note that not all of our products have a commercial use option. For example our invitations, planner stickers and party supplies do not offer commercial use options as they are not items that can be used to create a sales item. Under no circumstances can these items be resold as is.

None of our clipart, vintage images or papers can be resold as is or repackaged and sold. You must create a derivative work from the items to sell.


To use our artwork commercially we require graphic credit be given to Kindred Creations including a url that links
back to (www.kindredcreations.com). The link should be placed on the same page as the product that is being sold or displayed.


If you want to use our artwork commercially and simply do not wish to put our name or link anywhere then you have the option to purchase our NO credit license. The NO credit license gives you the right to use our products but keep it a secret.

There is an extra fee for this license which can be found as a drop down option when looking at a product. If there is no drop down option the item can not be used for commercial purposes.


The above licenses are not a mass production license, they allow for 1000 copies sold, for quantities exceeding 1000 you need a MASS PRODUCTION license, please contact Kindred Creations at admin@kindredcreations.com

Usage Does Not Allow:

• Third party sale or wholesale.

•You cannot sell our graphics as is and claim as your own.

•You cannot sell, trade, share or give away for free our designs as is or altered including but not limited to clipart packs, digital paper packs, scrapbook kits or as a part of image collections.

•You cannot share our graphic files for free even if it is personal use.

•Do not use any images for obscene, slanderous, or immoral works or
any other purpose that is prohibited by law or may harm or offend someone else.